Spring Rates & Load Carrying


One of the most common questions we hear is "Can you supply Heavy Duty shocks? I plan to carry extra weight on the rear"

The most common misconception when it comes to carrying a heavy load with your Ute or 4WD is that the Shock Absorbers are holding up the weight of the vehicle and any load you put onto it.

FACT: The Shock Absorbers do not affect the load carrying capacity in any way. The Spring is what carries the load.

When loading up your vehicle it is recommended that you have the appropriate Spring Rate to suit any additional weight, especially if you plan to keep your vehicle loaded up, this is referred to as a Constant Load.

The standard Leaf Springs can be replaced with a Heavy Duty option. The Heavier springs include extra leaves within the leaf spring pack for added strength. This allows for the extra weight to be carried.

Like leaf springs, the stock Coil Springs can be replaced with Heavy Duty springs to accommodate extra weight. A heavier coil spring is not necessarily longer but made out of heavier gauge material to give the spring more strength and upgrade the load carrying abilities.

In MOST vehicle applications, whether it be Leaf or Coil Springs a 300kg or a 500kg Constant Load Options is available.

When upgrading the springs you’re also raising the vehicle so appropriate shocks are required to suit the extended travel.

For more information about Constant Load check out our FAQ’s Page.

If this all seems like a heap of gibberish here are a few quick tips.

  • Constant Load = Weight that is added to the vehicle that will remain in the vehicle at all times
  • Fixed accessories that add weight can include; canopy, long range fuel tank, spare wheels, bulbar, winch, roof top accessories, tool boxes, trade equipment etc..

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