Toyota Hilux Lift Kits

The ‘Unbreakable’ Ute

Looking back on a history of no less than eight generations, the Toyota Hilux has always been one of Australia’s best selling utility vehicles. Used by tradies, farmers and miners alike, this exceptional ute has built up a strong reputation of heavy-duty reliability.

Because of its unrivaled performance in harsh and demanding conditions, it is no wonder that the Hilux remains extremely popular in Australia.

If you drive a Hilux and want to treat it to a suspension upgrade, simply select your variant below to see all lift kits available for your vehicle.

Toyota Hilux with Tough Dog Lift Kit

Find the right Lift Kit for your Hilux

Our Hilux Lift Kit Range

Our online range includes Economy, Premium and Extreme lift kit options, as well as levelling kits.

All our Hilux lift kit packages have been carefully assembled, using only top-quality components from industry-leading brands such as Tough Dog, Koni, Rancho and Bilstein.

Not sure which lift kit is right for you? Check out our handy guide on How to Choose a Lift Kit for more information.


How much does a Hilux Lift Kit cost?

Prices start from only $371 for a 2 inch Economy lift kit. This is great value for those on a tight budget who simply want a lift to improve appearance in a cost-effective way.

That said, most people opt for a 2 or 3 inch Premium or Extreme lift kit. These are without doubt our most popular lift kit packages in the Hilux range.

Depending on your vehicle, its setup and the suspension components in the lift kit, prices for these packages range from the $1.3k to $3k.


Which lift heights are available for Hilux models?

We currently offer Toyota Hilux lift kits of the following heights through our website:

  • 2 inch lift kits (50mm lift)
  • 3 inch lift kits (75mm lift Front & 50mm Rear)


Please note that all height classifications are for generalisation purposes only and that the degree of raised or lowered heights may vary between part numbers and vehicles.

Variations can be caused by different accessories fitted, variations of materials used for added accessories, age and condition of the vehicle, weight of the engine and changes made to the vehicle after install i.e adding accessories or removing constant load.


Select your Toyota Hilux model below to browse available kits suitable for your vehicle.

Hilux Lift Kits for AN120/130 COIL/LEAF (15-ON) N80 - GUN126R, GUN125R, TGN126L, GGN125R
Hiluf Lift kits for LEAF/LEAF 4WD (4/79-83) N50 - RN36/46, LN36/46
Hilux Lift Kits for TORSION BAR FRONT (10/88-97) N60 - LN107, RN106, LN111, RN110
Hilux Lift Kits for KUN26R COIL/LEAF (4/05-15) N70 - KUN26R, GGN25R
Hilux Lift Kits for LEAF/LEAF 4WD (11/83-97) N50 - LN65/67, YN65/67, LN106, RN105
Hilux Lift Kits for TORSION BAR FRONT (10/97-05) N60 - RZN174, RZN169, KZN165, LN167

Can't find your Hilux or unsure which model to choose? We're here to help! Please send us a message through the enquiry form on the Contact Page.