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Need a Nissan Navara lift kit? To give your Navara the suspension upgrade it deserves, simply choose your Navara below to view all suitable lift kits.

With dual-cab 4WDs among the best selling cars in the country, the Nissan Navara range offers a powerful alternative to other top-of-the-range vehicles on the Aussie ute market.

Our Nissan Navara lift kit range suits adventurous drivers looking for confidence on rugged terrain, tradies in need of a heavy-duty vehicle, and everyday drivers seeking the comfort of a passenger car.

Nissan Navara Tough Dog Lift Kit



We stock a wide range of Nissan Navara suspension lift kits including Economy, Premium and Extreme options for the D21 Navara, D22 Navara, D40 Navara, D23 Navara/Navara NP300.

All our Nissan Navara lift kit packages are carefully assembled using only highest-quality components from industry-leading brands such as Tough Dog, Koni, Rancho and Bilstein. Thanks to our trusted relationships with these brands, we can offer custom lift kit configurations at an affordable price.


Choose your Navara to see all available lift kits:


For Navara’s D22 models, we currently offer four different lift kit options, including an economy kit and a selection of custom-assembled lift kits that use either Tough Dog or Bilstein shock absorbers.

Nissan Navara D21 Lift Kits
Nissan Navara D22 Lift Kits



We stock a wide range of lift kit packages suitable for Nissan Navara D40 models. It is important to note that we make a distinction between the 2.5L and 4.0L Petrol and 3.0L Diesel engines as a heavier spring rate required for the heavier diesel engine.

Nissan Navara D40 Lift Kits
Nissan Navara D40 Diesel Lift Kits

D40 2.5L & 4.0L

For the D40 2.5L we currently stock 6 different lift kit options. The main difference between these options is in the shock absorber components used, with options varying from Tough Dog to Bilstein, Koni and Rancho shocks.

When selecting a lift kit consider how the vehicle is used, brand preference and budget. Most kits can be customised based on the accessories fitted or load carrying by making Setup Selections for the front and rear of the vehicle.

We offer 4 shock brands at different price points to cater to those on a budget and those wanting a brand name or high end product. 

Of the shock brands we offer, all have their own ingenuity, design and shock absorbing methods giving you the ability to select from foam cell, hydraulic or high pressure gas shocks with your lift kit.



For Navara’s D40 V6 Diesel models, we currently offer four different lift kit options, including our economy kit and different options that use shocks from Tough Dog and Bilstein.




We stock a range of lift kit packages suitable for Nissan Navara D23, or more commonly known as, NP300 models. It is important to note that we make a distinction between the different rear suspension setup of the coil rear and leaf spring.

Nissan Navara NP300 (D23) Coil Rear Lift Kits
Nissan Navara NP300 (D23) Leaf Rear Lift Kits


For Navara D23 or more commonly known as NP300 models, we currently offer lift kits with Tough Dog or Bilstein Shocks.

Each kit has the option to customise the setup based on the accessories fitted or load carrying.



For Navara D23 or more commonly known as NP300 models, we currently offer lift kits with Tough Dog shocks.

Each kit has the option to customise the setup based on the accessories fitted or load carrying.



Not sure which lift kit to choose? Use our handy guide on How to Choose a Lift Kit or contact us via the Enquiry Page. We're happy to help!





Prices range from around $928 to $3530 depending on your Navara’s model & suspension setup.

Our most popular Premium Navara lift kit packages range from $1214 - $2511 depending on your Navara model and suspension setup.

Premium kits are a full suspension upgrade designed to increase the vehicle ride height, improve load carrying, better off-road performance, improved ground clearance and clearance for bigger tyres.



Our online range currently lists Nissan Navara lift kits of the following heights:

  • 1.5 inch lift kits (40mm lift)
  • 2 inch lift kits (50mm lift)


Please note that all height classifications are for generalisation purposes only and that variations can be caused by different accessories fitted, variations of materials used for added accessories, age and condition of the vehicle, weight of the engine and changes made to the vehicle after install i.e adding accessories or removing constant load.


How to lift a Nissan Navara?

Raising the ride height of your 4x4 Nissan Navara can be achieved by fitting a lift kit.

Depending on the particular model variant, a lift kit usually consists of raised leaf springs, raised coil springs or upgraded torsion bars as well as long travel shocks and other fitting components.

Extended rear shackles and front strut spacers are also another lift option for some models.

Factory Torsion bars can be adjusted or wound up to raise the front ride height of the vehicle. The same can be achieved with aftermarket upgraded Torsion bars, which are included in our kits. When doing so it is important to ensure sufficient droop is maintained.

Replacing the standard leaf or coil springs with raised springs will increase the ride height.

Raised Leaf and Coil springs are designed with a heavier grade material over the OE springs and varying spring rates are available to suit accessories fitted or constant load carrying.

When fitting raised springs we always recommend fitting long travel shocks.


Are there differences to lifting a D40 vs a D22 Navara?

Yes! The earlier model D22 Navara utilises Torsion Bar front suspension and Leaf Spring rear suspension.

The later model D40 Navara utilises Strut front (Coil Spring & Shock Absorber) suspension and Leaf Spring rear suspension. As 4WD Utes and Dual Cabs are no longer just for tradies the Strut front suspension of the D40 provides a more comfortable ride quality over the more primitive torsion bar setup of the older models.

Although both models are leaf spring rear, they do not use the components and therefore not interchangeable or compatible between models.

Refer to the question above ‘How to lift a Nissan Navara?’ for further information.


Navara Lift Kit Types

When browsing our selection of Navara lift kits, you’ll notice we offer Economy, Premium and Extreme packages.

Below is some more information about the different types of Ranger lift kits we offer, so you can easily find the right solution for your needs.


Economy Navara Lift Kits

Our Economy lift kits are a great option for those who are looking to improve the look and raise the ride height of their Navara at minimal cost.

These basic lift kit setups include a minimum of components and are the most cost-effective, which is perfect if you’re on a budget.


Premium Navara Lift Kits

Our Premium lift kits have been expertly designed to tick all the boxes when it comes to offering your Navara the most complete of suspension packages.

Premium lift kit packages are designed to improve off-road use and load carrying. Most kits include the option to select the Front and Rear Setup. This allows you to customise the kit based on the additional heavy accessories fitted or rear load carrying requirements.

This is the ideal option for tradies or those who enjoy heading off-road!


Extreme Navara Lift Kits

You guessed it, our Extreme lift kits are the way to go if you want to equip your Nissan Navara for the most challenging off-road adventures!

Designed to add much-needed wheel travel and ground clearance for when you’re exploring Australia’s toughest terrains. This is the ultimate suspension upgrade!

Most kits include either adjustable shock absorbers or are a taller lift kit (3”).


Navara Levelling Kits

Similar to our Economy Kits, the Levelling Kits are a basic upgrade designed to improve the look of your vehicle. Most 4WD’s have a ‘nose down’ appearance from standard and these kits are designed to alleviate this to give the vehicle a more level stance.

These basic lift kit setups include a minimum of components and are another cost-effective option.


Navara Lift Kit Brands

As mentioned earlier, all our Navara lift kits are carefully assembled, using only components of the highest quality from industry-leading brands such as Tough Dog, Koni, Rancho, Bilstein, King Springs and Roadsafe.


Bilstein Lift Kits for Nissan Navara

Lift kits that use Bilstein’s B6 Offroad shocks are currently in high demand. Their mono-tube gas pressure technology instantly reacts to any condition providing maximum vehicle body motion control while maintaining more precise handling.

Lift kits with Bilstein shocks are available for D22, D40 and D23 (NP300) Models.


Koni Lift Kits for Nissan Navara

Navara lift kits equipped with Koni’s Raid shocks are also a popular choice. The valving technology and full hydraulic design of these top-of-the-range shock absorbers mean they are ideal for comfort and ride quality when venturing off-road.

Raid shocks feature a large outer body for effective heat dissipation over rough roads and corrugations.

Although they are on the high-end of the market, most Koni shocks are adjustable and serviceable to ensure maximum life span and value for money.

Extreme lift kits with Koni shocks are available for Navara’s D40 models.


Rancho Lift Kits for Nissan Navara

Rancho RS5000X shock absorbers are also available for Nissan Navara D40 models.

The RS5000X shock absorber uses advanced compression functionality and a unique rebound valving system. This reduces harsh impacts and improves the vehicle’s on and off-road handling performance.

Developed right here in Australia, Rancho shocks are designed to meet the demands of comfortable four-wheel drive use in the rugged Aussie outback!

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