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Need a D-MAX lift kit? If it’s time to upgrade your Isuzu D-MAX’s suspension system, simply choose your make and model below to see which lift kits we have available for you.

Manufactured by Isuzu Motors since 2002, the D-MAX is one of Australia’s most reliable utility vehicles. Offering great driving performance and towing ability, the D-MAX is also a great option for Aussie families with a love for off-road adventures.

Isuzu D-Max with Lift Kit


Our D-MAX Lift Kit Range

We have a variety of lift kits on offer to suit your Isuzu D-MAX! Our online range includes Economy, Premium and Extreme lift kit options, as well as levelling kits, for the following D-MAX variants: The latest D-MAX models from June 2020 and onwards, recent D-MAX models from 2016 to 2020, TFS85, V-Cross and MY12 D-MAX models (2012-2016) and D-MAX's from 2008 until April 2012.

All our D-MAX lift kit packages have been carefully assembled, using only top-quality components from industry-leading brands such as Tough Dog, Koni, Rancho and Bilstein. Trusted relationships with these suspension brands and wholesalers allow us to offer custom lift kit configurations at an affordable price.


Choose your D-MAX to see all available lift kits:

Latest D-MAX Lift Kits (2020-Onwards)


TFS85, V-Cross and MY12 D-MAX Lift Kits (2012-2016)

Isuzu D-MAX Lift Kits for TFS85, V-Cross & MY12 Models

D-MAX Recent Lift Kits (04/2016 - 06/2020)


D-MAX Lift Kits for Earlier Models (2008-2012)

Isuzu D-MAX Lift Kits for Earlier Models


Not sure which D-Max lift kit is right for you? Check out our handy guide on How to Choose a Lift Kit for more information.

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How much does an Isuzu D-MAX Lift Kit cost?

Prices start from only $861 for a 30mm Economy lift kit. This is great value for those on a tight budget who simply want a lift to improve appearance in a cost-effective way.

That said, most people opt for a 2 inch Premium or Extreme lift kit. These are without doubt our most popular lift kit packages in the D-MAX range.

Depending on your vehicle, its setup and the suspension components in the lift kit, prices for these packages range from $1,780 to $2,630.


Which lift heights are available for D-MAX models?

We currently offer Isuzu D-MAX lift kits of the following heights through our website:

  • 1.5 inch lift kits (40mm lift)
  • 2 inch lift kits (50mm lift)


Please note that all height classifications are for generalisation purposes only and that the degree of raised or lowered heights may vary between part numbers and vehicles.

Variations can be caused by different accessories fitted, variations of materials used for added accessories, age and condition of the vehicle, weight of the engine and changes made to the vehicle after install i.e adding accessories or removing constant load.


How to lift a D-MAX?

Raising the ride height of your 4x4 Isuzu D-Max can be achieved by fitting a lift kit.

Depending on the particular model variant, a lift kit usually consists of raised leaf springs, raised coil springs or upgraded torsion bars as well as long travel shocks and other fitting components.

Extended rear shackles and front strut spacers are also another lift option.

Torsion bars can be adjusted or wound up to raise the front ride height of the vehicle. The same can be achieved with aftermarket upgraded Torsion bars, which are included in our kits. When doing so it is important to ensure sufficient droop is maintained.

Replacing the standard leaf or coil springs with raised springs will increase the ride height. Raised Leaf and Coil springs are designed with a heavier grade material over the OE springs and varying spring rates are available to suit accessories fitted or constant load carrying.

When fitting raised springs we always recommend fitting long travel shocks.


How to install a D-MAX lift kit?

Installing suspension parts should always be completed by a qualified person or at a licensed workshop.

If you choose to install the kit yourself, we can supply assembled front struts for ease of installation.

The ‘Strut Assembly Option’ is an additional $180 and includes two new top mounts and labour to assemble the parts.

Once the installation is complete, a wheel alignment is required.

If you choose to install the kit yourself we strongly recommend taking the vehicle to a suspension workshop for a check-over. Most workshops offer free or inexpensive inspections. Better to be safe than sorry!

Step-by-step instructions are not included with all parts and only basic instructions are included where required. You can also refer to the vehicle owner's manual if required.





When browsing our D-MAX range, you’ll notice we offer Economy, Premium and Extreme lift kit packages. We also offer D-MAX Levelling kits.

Here is some more information about the different types of D-MAX lift kits we offer, so you can easily find the right solution for your needs.


Economy D-MAX Lift Kits

Our Economy lift kits are a great option for those who are looking to improve the look and raise the ride height of their D-MAX at minimal cost.

These basic lift kit setups include a minimum of components and are the most cost-effective, which is perfect if you’re on a budget.


Premium D-MAX Lift Kits

Our Premium lift kits have been expertly designed to tick all the boxes when it comes to offering your D-MAX the most complete of suspension packages.

Premium lift kit packages are designed to improve off-road use and load carrying. Most kits include the option to select the Front and Rear Setup. This allows you to customise the kit based on the additional heavy accessories fitted or rear load carrying requirements.

This is the ideal option for tradies or those who enjoy heading off-road!


Extreme D-MAX Lift Kits

You guessed it, our Extreme lift kits are the way to go if you want to equip your D-MAX for the most challenging off-road adventures!

Designed to add much-needed wheel travel and ground clearance for when you’re exploring Australia’s toughest terrains. This is the ultimate suspension upgrade!


D-MAX Levelling Kits

Similar to the Economy Kits, our D-MAX Levelling Kits are a basic upgrade designed to improve the look of your vehicle. Most 4WD’s have a ‘nose down’ appearance from standard and these kits are designed to alleviate this to give the vehicle a more level stance.

These basic lift kit setups include a minimum of components and are another cost-effective option.



D-MAX Lift Kit Brands


As mentioned earlier, all our D-MAX lift kits are carefully assembled, using only components of the highest quality from industry-leading brands such as Tough Dog, Koni, Rancho, Bilstein, King Springs and Roadsafe.


Tough Dog Lift Kits for D-MAX

Tough Dog, one of the most trusted brands in the industry, has been supplying durable suspension components of the highest quality for decades.

We use their range of aftermarket 4WD suspension parts throughout the majority of our D-MAX lift kits. Most kits include Tough Dog and other brands to create our custom kits.

Lift kits are available with Tough Dog’s award-winning Foam Cell shocks as well as the 9 Stage Adjustable Shocks.


Koni Lift Kits for D-MAX

Koni Heavy Track and Raid shocks are among the highest quality off-road shock absorbers. Their valving technology and full hydraulic design mean they are ideal for comfort and ride quality. Raid shocks feature a large outer body for maximum heat dissipation over rough roads and corrugations.

Although they are on the high end of the market, most Koni shocks are adjustable and serviceable to ensure maximum life span and value for money.


Rancho Lift Kits for D-MAX

Rancho RS5000X shock absorbers are available for a range of D-MAX models.

The RS5000X shock absorber uses advanced compression functionality and a unique rebound valving system. This reduces harsh impacts and improves the vehicle’s on and off-road handling performance.

Developed right here in Australia, Rancho shocks are designed to meet the demands of comfortable four-wheel drive use in the rugged Aussie outback!
Rancho Levelling Kits are also available with Rancho RS5000X shocks and Rancho Coil Springs.


Bilstein Lift Kits for D-MAX

Bilstein’s B6 Offroad shocks are another sought-after option. Their mono-tube gas pressure technology instantly reacts to any condition providing maximum vehicle body motion control while maintaining more precise handling.

Lift kits with Bilstein shocks are available for 2008 - 2012 D-MAX models.

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