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Koni Suspension hosts an extensive range of premium quality 4WD shocks that have been tried and tested in some of the most extreme locations. When it comes to shock absorbers, Koni is committed to delivering quality. This means you can be sure Koni shocks will perform in even the toughest conditions!



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Koni Heavy Track Shocks

Koni’s Heavy Track shocks are the ultimate all-terrain solution. Designed specifically with 4WDs and SUVs in mind, these shocks excel in safety, stability and grip. If you find yourself on asphalt or corrugated gravel, Koni Heavy Track shocks will deliver optimum comfort and road stability.

Koni Raid Shocks

Koni bundled years of experience in shock absorber technology and an expert knowledge of the 4WD market into the Koni Raid shock. Specifically designed for off-road conditions, this shock absorbers stands out with improved vehicle handling and heat-resistant sealing technology.

Koni Raid Shocks
Koni Lift Kit

Koni Lift Kits

Koni shocks are designed specifically for off-road surfaces.
The range offers optimal vehicle handling in harsh conditions and their rugged construction ensures a long lifespan. Both Heavy Track and Raid shocks are externally rebound adjustable, again to ensure long lifespan.
When it comes to off-road quality and durability, Koni shocks are second to none!


If you love exploring Australia’s rugged outdoors and don’t shy away from challenging driving conditions and surfaces, you need to equip your 4WD with a set of Koni shocks.

Koni shock absorbers are built according to the highest safety, stability and road holding standards for ultimate peace of mind, handling and grip.

Koni Raids are some of the most sought-after shocks when it comes to official racing events such as the Dakar Rally. More often than not, Koni supplies the racing vehicle’s shocks in these racing conditions where reliable performance, strength and safety are of the utmost importance.

Koni shocks were also trusted on Top Gear’s Solar Special and when driving up an Icelandic volcano. Simply put, no road is too challenging for these shocks.


Koni shock absorbers are expertly designed and engineered to efficiently convert the kinetic energy of movement into thermal energy (heat).

Movement forces oil inside the shock through a system of outlets and valves, which generates hydraulic resistance.

Movement can either compress the shock absorber (bump stroke) or extend it (rebound stroke).

Koni shocks generally fall into two categories: mono-tube dampers and bi-tube/twin-tube dampers. Most Koni shocks in our range (such as Heavy Track and Raid Offroad) make use of the company’s well-known twin-tube technology.


Twin-Tube Technology

Koni is renowned for having developed one of the best twin-tube shock absorber configurations in the world.


What is it?

Koni’s cutting edge twin-tube technology makes use of an outer tube with a thickness of 2.5mm that guarantees reliable damping even in cases where damage is caused to the outer tube from the impact of rocks or uneven surfaces.

In addition to the outer tube’s reservoir, the shocks boast an inner reservoir area into which or from which oil can also be pushed or pulled.

Twin-tube designs are especially beneficial in vehicles with limited wheel travel. Wheel travel is the distance that a wheel or tire assembly can move vertically without bottoming out at the top or bottom of the motion. If a particular vehicle’s wheel travel is limited, Koni’s innovative twin-tube design still guarantees a first-class damping performance resulting in a smooth ride.


How does it work?

When the shock absorber is compressed (also known as bump stroke), the piston rod is pushed in and oil can flow resistance-free from below the piston through a non-return valve to the reservoir above the piston.

At the same time, the piston rod displaces a quantity of oil which is forced to flow through the bottom valve into the reservoir tube.

When the oil passes through the valves, it encounters resistance, which generates damping on the bump stroke.

When the shock absorber is extended (also known as rebound stroke), the piston rod is pulled out again. This process pressurises the oil above the piston which is forced to flow through.

Again, the oil encounters resistance when it passes through the piston. This generates the rebound damping.


ACTIVE Technology and Patented Frequency Selective Damping

As a leader in the ever-growing market of vehicle suspension, KONI is constantly investing in the development of cutting edge damping technologies and solutions.

Traditionally, in the field of shock absorbers, there has always been a trade-off between comfort and handling. The more absolute control you want over handling, the more you lose in comfort. If you want a more comfortable ride, that’s fine, but you’ll have to compromise in terms of handling

That’s why Koni thought what if we have both? The solution they created to deal with this issue was a damper that is able to change damping force levels in relation to movement frequency. KONI’s ACTIVE technology was born.

KONl added a special valve to delay the build-up of pressure by controlling a parallel oil flow in addition to the oil flowing through the piston. Controlled by the Active feature, this additional flow allows for a damping force that is almost linear to the time that the piston is moving in one direction. This unlocks the best possible combination of handling and comfort.


Versatile Adjustability

Koni’s Heavy Track shocks are completely rebound adjustable. In other, the characteristics of the rebound stroke can be fully fine-tuned to the circumstances in which you’re driving your vehicle.

And this goes for pretty much any driving conditions, whether on sealed, smooth surfaces or on bumpy, corrugated gravel roads.

Making these adjustments does not only dramatically improve your driving experience. It also significantly increases the lifespan of your shock absorbers and other suspension components.


KONI is a word-leading manufacturer of performance and off-road 4WD shock absorbers.

Founded in 1857, the company boasts decades of experience and a rich history of shock absorber design and manufacturing development

With cutting edge technology and an unrivalled knowledge of 4WD markets, Koni is an absolute institution in the suspension industry. The company continues to create and develop versatile suspension products for a wide range of vehicle enthusiasts through durable and experience-enhancing technology.



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