Parabolic Leaf Springs

Parabolic leaf springs are a specially designed leaf spring pack available for a select few Toyota Landcruiser models.

The Parabolic leaf springs feature less leaves than traditional multi-leaf spring packs, less leaves means more flexibility, weight reduction and improved ride quality.

All leaves are tapered being thicker in the centre and tapering to each end, this allows the spring to produce a more comfortable ride when loaded or unloaded.

Parabolic leaf springs are a replacement for the conventional multi leaf spring with ride comfort and articulation being their major advantage.

Key features are:

  • Better ride quality loaded or unloaded
  • Silencer pad on helper for noise reduction
  • Less prone to sagging
  • Better flex and articulation
  • 2" Raised Leaf Spring
Parabolic Leaf Springs

Parabolic Leaf Springs








As they are a lighter construction and designed for ride quality we recommend the use of parabolic springs with lighter load carrying.  If the vehicle is fitted with heavy constant load and accessories (i.e. 300kg+) the ride height may not be achieved and the ride quality may be affected.

If you have any questions about the Parabolic Leaf Springs please send through an email to or send us a message via our Contact Page.

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